• Marriage Proposal

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  • Marriage Proposal

    It is important to create a memorable marriage proposal, one that the two of you can remember and enjoy in the years ahead.

    Marriage proposal is a serious thing, but why can't it also be fun and surprising. Remember, this is a story you'll have to tell all of your friends for years, so it shouldn't be too boring!

    Did you know that you can make a fortune cookie with the marriage proposal inside of it? There's a secret to it, in our wedding E-guide.

    Or how about the marriage proposal story sent to us from Julie L, in Springfield, IL. When her plane landed, as it taxi'd up to the terminal, Robert had a large banner in the window. Some strangers were helping him hold it because it was about 20 feet wide...."Marry me Julie!". How can a girl say no to that?

    Please share with us YOUR marriage proposal or wedding story! Perhaps your experience can bring a happy ending to some other future couple!

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