• Your Wedding Plan

    Instructions, tips and help on building a great wedding plan.

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  • Your Wedding Plan

    Wedding plan procedures wouldn't be a headache if you just start the process as early as possible. Always start your wedding plan at least a year before the event, so that you won't have to worry about any wedding disaster on the special day.

    Our handy free e-guide takes you step-by-by step through the wedding plan, including chapters on budget, a wedding timeline, wedding plan reminder list, designing the wedding program and invitations and more.

    As mentioned, starting early with the wedding plan process is very important. The larger the event, the earlier you should start.

    After entering the free Wedwiz guide (see below) you'll find chapters with lots of valuable info on planning your perfect wedding. Print out all of the chapters and organize them into a notebook. The Wedwiz guide is designed for this, so you get info on the wedding plan and all topics in a simple, direct, easy-to-read format. Our goal is simple, to make planning your wedding simple and easy!

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