• Wedding Channel and The Knot

    HowTwo sites that can also help you plan your wedding.

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  • Wedding Channel VS The Knot

    service are best. Here are a few pointers on the big ones and what good they are:

    Wedding Channel offers a terrific online bridal registry. It's easy for the guests to use this site to shop for you.

    Wedding Channel also has a huge selection of wedding dress photos. There is almost an infinite selection of photos on the wedding channel (although too many ads we think).

    Wedding Channel also offers a terrific local vendor guide for finding photographers, makeup artists, etc.

    Wedding Channel has a great deal of articles, which can be nice, but can also over-clutter with unnecessary info.

    The Knot has a terrific chatroom and message boards for weddings.

    The Knot looses points for having pop-up banners that appear, even on their homepage.

    The Knot has some nice wedding planning tools like a guest planning guide and such.

    Both sites are more geared toward selling products and advertising than making it easy to plan a wedding. Ever-humbler, we still honestly feel that Wedwiz is more useful as far as basic planning tools go. Neither site offers as versatile budget planning tools as Wedwiz. You can find the other sites at weddingchannel.com and theknot.com .

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