• Wedding Photography

    Hiring a photographer and executing a contract with him/her.

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  • Wedding Photography Tips

    Even though your wedding video might come out fine, how about your wedding photography? Many couples have major problems because of choosing the wrong wedding photographer, but whom would you want to choose to do your wedding photography? How do you know who is the right one?

    It's true, choosing the wrong photographer for you wedding photography can be a disaster. You need to know reputation... not advertising budget. So picking the most advertsised wedding photographer can be a wrong move. You would like the wedding to be just perfect, but let's face it, gold doesn't just grow on trees so you also want to save some money. The choice of wedding photography is something that should be well-researched.

    Our free guide will help you decide on the wedding photography. It is also a good idea to start planning early so that you have time to talk to friends, and get ideas about wedding photography and photographer from other weddings and referrals.

    We'll also outline for you sample questions to ask of the photographer, tips for organizing your "must-have" photos, and a list of things you want in your wedding photography contract.

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