• Las Vegas Weddings

    Some tips and contacts for marriage in Las Vegas..

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  • Las Vegas Weddings

    Las Vegas Weddings are known to be fun, convenient and inexpensive. Las Vegas is the place to be when you need a certain element of excitement added to your marriage or the honeymoon. A Las Vegas wedding is almost a tradition to many Bride and groom in this generation.

    Las Vegas is changing over the past 5 years. The town is shedding it's image of being a just an older, "family oriented" getaway, appealing now to a much younger and sexier crowed. This is exhibited in the many hot nightspots found in all of the major casinos. Now a Las Vegas wedding can be a truly fun and wild occassion for the couple and their guests.

    A Las Vegas wedding can also be inexpensive and relatively hassle-free. Marriage licenses are easy to get and blood test not required. However, the choice of wedding location is something that should be well-researched. There are many options and it doesn't make sense to just go with the most advertised "Las Vegas wedding chapel". Our free guide will help you get info to decide...

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